“Michiel has put together an amazing program. He teaches the same foundational concepts that we learned as SEALs. With this course you learn how to deal with your fear and stress if you are attacked, how to strike first, and what specific strikes to use that are effective for anyone regardless of size, age, or strength.” - Retired U.S. Navy SEAL

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Combatives explanation

  • 3

    Adrenaline and Heart Rate

    • Intro

    • What is Adrenaline?

    • What does Heart Rate under stress do?

    • How to control your Heart Rate

  • 4

    Mindset to deal with Violence

    • Intro

    • Soft Skill: The Vital Pyramid

    • Soft Skill: State Access/Management

    • State Access & State Management Drill

    • Soft Skill: 3 Phases of a Confrontation

    • Soft Skill: Terminator

  • 5

    Criminal Tactics

    • Intro

    • Soft Skill: Predatory Optic

    • Soft Skill: Context of a Street Assault

  • 6

    Your Street Tactics

    • Intro

    • Soft Skill: Options and Resources

    • Soft Skill: 3 Key Elements of Self Protection

    • Soft Skill: Gameplan

    • Soft Skill: Principle of CQB

  • 7

    Awareness and Pre-Threat Cues

    • Intro

    • Soft Skill: Pre-threat cues: Macro Cues pad feed Vol. 1

    • Awareness and Pre-Threat Cue Drill

    • Soft Skill: Coopers Colorcode

    • Soft Skill: Code Black

    • Soft Skill: The OODA Loop

    • Soft Skill: Left of Bang

  • 8

    Passive and Active Protection

    • Intro

    • The Fence (Passive Protection)

    • The Cover (Active Protection)

    • Combination Drill

  • 9

    Contact Management

    • Contact Management

    • The Pincher approach

    • The Hyena Principle

  • 10


    • What is Pre-emption?

  • 11

    Hard Skills

    • Setting up your Hard Skills

  • 12

    Primary Tools Basics/Footwork

    • Intro

    • Footwork Band Drills

    • Bag/Weight Drills

    • Solo/Pad Drill

  • 13

    Secondary Tools Basics/Footwork

    • Intro

    • Footwork Base Drills

    • Pummel Drills

    • Combination Drill/Opening the Gate

  • 14

    Blitzkrieg Tactic: The Entry

    • Intro Blitzkrieg Tactic

    • #1: Entry Tool : The Palmstrike

    • The Palmstrike Powerlines

    • #2: Entry Tool: The Slap

    • The Double Slap

    • #3: Entry Tool: The Off-Line Hammerfist

    • Rear Off-Line Hammerfist

    • #4: Entry Tool: The Eye-Blitz

    • The Eye-Blitz /Clearing the Target

    • #5: Entry Tool: The Spiked Elbow

    • Spiked Elbow Collision

  • 15

    Blitzkrieg Tactic: The Attachment

    • Intro

    • Attachment Drill

    • Solo Drill

  • 16

    Blitzkrieg Tactic: The Beatdown

    • Intro

    • Beatdown Tool: The Hammerfist

    • The Cycling Hammerfist

    • Beatdown Tool: The Slashing Elbow

    • The Cycling Elbow

  • 17

    Blitzkrieg Tactic: The Finishing

    • Intro

    • The Concussive Clinch

    • The Concussive Side Clinch

    • Walking Violent

    • The Knee

    • The Snatch Down

    • The Rag Down

    • The Stomp

  • 18

    Developing Your Personal Blitz Tactics

    • Intro

    • Developing Your Blitz Tactics

    • #1: Blitz Tactic "Palm Entry" / Targeting Drill

    • Blitz Tactic "Palm Entry" / Pad Drill

    • #2: Blitz Tactic "Slap Entry" / Targeting Drill

    • Blitz Tactic "Slap Entry" / Pad Drill

    • #3: Blitz Tactic "Off-Line Hammerfist / Targeting Drill

    • Blitz Tactic "Off-Line Hammerfist" / Pad Drill

    • #4: Blitz Tactic "Eye-Blitz" Entry / Targeting Drill

    • Blitz Tactic "Eye-Blitz" / Pad Drill

    • #5: Blitz Tactic "Spiked Elbow" / Targeting Drill

    • Blitz Tactic "Spiked Elbow" / Pad Drill

  • 19

    Re-Active Dynamic

    • Dealing With a Single Punch/T-shirt grab

    • Dealing with a Double Lapel Grab

    • Dealing with the Headlock

  • 20

    Course Conclusion

    • Conclusion

    • Your Feedback session




Michiel Mulder

MY BACKGROUND; Since I was 12 years old I was training in jujitsu and judo. Then around 16 years of age I made a transition to Boxing and Thai boxing, competing sometime later. This gave me a good understanding of striking and kicking. Experiencing multiple fights against multiple subjects on the street and the door gave me new insights and understanding between the difference of Martial arts/combat sports and real violence. My full-time Job as a doorman/supervisor and Intervention team member (for festivals and events) showed me the need to adapt the stuff that I learned in sport so that it worked for me under stress. Because of this need to adapt, I started to analyse what worked and what didn't! I quickly realized that it came down to keeping things simple and acquiring the right MINDSET! At the time I was already training in Krav Maga and I found out soon, that for me, nothing came out under real fight stress. I contacted Lee M to ask If he had somebody in Holland to teach me UC. This was not the case so I followed Lee Morrison for years on the international seminar circuit and started training with him directly when possible, so that I could grade and come on the UC Instructor program. Many, many hours of blood, sweat and tears and years later I am proud to call myself a Senior UC Instructor and UC core team member under the supervision of my mentor Lee Morrison. Representing the UC curriculum everywhere in Europe via seminars, workshops, group and private training. And now also via this online learning platform! Because more and more people understand the need for realistic self protection! Sometimes a teacher, Always a student — Michiel